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Blogging for your Nonprofit

By Lexi
August 10, 2018

As the digital world continues to evolve, there is a lot of pressure on nonprofit organizations to develop a strong online presence. More than likely, your nonprofit runs on a fairly tight budget making it difficult to build an established nonprofit brand online. If you’ve been researching ways to increase your online marketing efforts, you have probably read about blogging which is widely used by for-profit businesses today.

Currently, 92% of nonprofits have a website, but only 38% of them publish a blog regularly. Many nonprofits don’t invest in blogging because there is no guaranteed return, but there are many benefits to blogging consistently.


  1. Increases awareness

A blog makes it possible to share updates and progress on your goals, how you help community members, and where you are headed. When you create engaging and inspiring content, your audience will share it with their network, which increases awareness of your mission and goals.


  1. Connects you with potential donors

Potential donors spend time searching the internet daily. Whether they are researching nonprofit organizations or reading their newsfeed, there is an opportunity to capture their heart and support.


The key is to post unique content daily or weekly. Changing the type of content is crucial because all donors are different and react to different types of content. Alternate between information articles, emotional stories, video stories of volunteers, and statistics showing your success.


  1. Maintains relationships with existing supporters

A blog makes it easy to update existing supporters on your efforts and is a valuable way to build and maintain relationships. Since the content is always new, it gives them a reason to return to your website months after they donated and may spark additional donations.


  1. Improves your online rankings

Google ranks websites and blogs higher when they publish new content consistently, use the right keywords naturally in their content, have well-structured link strategy on their website, and maintain their audience’s attention. Blogs are an easy way to drive donors to your website because they are filled with keywords relevant to your mission and cause. As your blog gains traction, other websites will start to link to it, helping to boost your online rankings.


  1. 5. Establishes trust

A blog gives you a place to tell your story, build credibility through testimonials, and share information. When you paint your nonprofit as the authority on your mission, potential supporters are more likely to trust you with their donation than if you have zero online presence.


Deciding to start a blog for your nonprofit is a big undertaking, requiring both time and writing commitments. Share the idea with your volunteer team and see if anybody is interested in creating content or brainstorming ideas. If you divide the tasks among several volunteers, it won’t seem like such an undertaking.

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