Directors & Officers Insurance

Count on Us to Protect the People You Count On

Every year, thousands of lawsuits are launched against senior people in business and the non-profit sector – the very people you're counting on to deliver your mission.

These actions can be outrageous, expensive and certainly disruptive to your operation and damaging to your reputation. Even if allegations are not well-founded, the impact on your business can be devastating.

You Need Director & Officer Insurance Protection

Proper D&O insurance protection of your board of directors requires 3 important elements:

  1. Risk Management - Nonprofits will benefit from having the right tools to reduce the exposures to your board of directors through customized risk management.  The team at Nonprofit Insurance Services has the knowledge and experience to equip your nonprofit with these tools FREE.
  2. Effective Protection - In the nonprofit sector, there can be special risks associated with the types of clients and stakeholders you're involved with. So you need a specialist who understands your business to secure the most effective insurance protection for your Directors and Officers.
  3. Crisis Management - Finally, as if the claim, costs, stress and time of a Directors and Officers lawsuit is not enough, a well thought out and effective Crisis Management Plan can protect the organization from a failed reputation.  Nonprofit Insurance Services provides a free Crisis Management Plan template that only requires a few key strokes to implement. 
Throughout Pennsylvania and beyond, Nonprofit Insurance Services is the name scores of organizations trust to provide them with the D&O protection they need, from the finest insurers at the best prices in the marketplace.

Without this, your senior officers are exposed to potential ruin if they're sued for their actions (or failure to act) in the performance of their duties for your organization.

For example they may face allegations of harassment and discrimination, which accounts for more than half of D&O lawsuits, or be landed with a fiduciary liability complaint.

Gain Peace of Mind with Nonprofit Insurance Services

You'll naturally always be concerned about the risk of such actions but, when you've obtained the best-possible D&O insurance coverage with the help of the experts at Nonprofit Insurance Services, you'll limit or eliminate the damage. In addition, you'll gain significant benefits. For example:

  • It makes a powerful statement about the value you place on their services
  • It helps you to recruit and retain the best, most committed, professionals
  • It provides peace of mind so they can concentrate on your mission
  • It's often a prerequisite for personal or public funding and grants
  • It protects the reputation of your organization as well as the individuals themselves

Frankly, if you don’t have this kind of protection in place, or if your coverage is not adequate for your true needs, you need to act fast.

Start by requesting a free, no-commitment directors & officers insurance quote from Nonprofit Insurance Services by completing the Free Quote Request form on this page right now or download the D&O Insurance application and fax to 717-630-1188. You won’t regret it!

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