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10 Steps in planning a fundraiser

By Kathi Fuhrman
January 06, 2015

Fundraisers are outstanding ways to earn money for a particular cause. However, in order for a fundraiser to be successful you need to plan it out properly. The steps below can help you.

#1 Pick the Right Fundraiser

Picking the right fundraiser is important when trying to raise money. You want to pick one that people will actually be interested in so they participate such as a bake sale, beverage stand at a sporting event, selling Christmas ornaments during the holiday season or car washes at the end of spring when everyone needs mud washed over their cars.

#2 Advertise Properly

Advertising your fundraiser in newspapers and flyers around your local area. Spreading the news is key to getting people to come to your event.

#3 Pick a Proper Date

Picking the proper date and time to hold a fundraising event is important if you want as many people as possible to come to it. Most people are available on the weekends and Friday nights.

#4 Gather all necessities

To ensure you have a successful fundraiser make sure you have all the materials, supplies and tools you needs. Being unprepared can cause a fundraiser to fail.

#5 Assign People Proper Jobs for the Fundraisers

Fundraisers can become busy and hectic so assigning people jobs during it can help. Have one person selling products, and another person collecting money and keeping track of sales.

#6 Have a Backup Plan

If for some reason you have to cancel your fundraiser date, have a backup date already planned out. Just make sure you advertise the reschedule date when you do the advertising.

#7 Pick and Indoor and Outdoor Place

If your hosting a fundraiser outdoors plan for an indoor place too just encase. If your hosting one indoors make sure you have a backup place just encase something comes up.

#8 Set a Goal

Make sure everyone participating in the fundraiser knows the goal such as how much money needs to be earned.

#9 Have a Motivated Team

Make sure everyone on the fundraising team is motivated and in a good mood. Having positive energies makes for a successful fundraiser that is also fun to participate in for that special cause.

#10 Be Supportive

Once the fundraiser gets started be supportive of each other and help one another out. It’s the only way to raise the money you need for that special cause.

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