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10 Tips On How to Run A Successful Nonprofit Organization

By Kathi Fuhrman
May 05, 2015

When championing the social causes you care about ensure that the non-profit organization you are operating achieves its goals, and that it’s efficient and effective. The following are ten nonprofit tips that when implemented will see your organization run successfully.

  • Have a clear mission and vision statement as well performance metrics. Focus on what you want to do so that you are able to clearly explain it in a few words without leaving out any important details.
  • Do proper research of what you are getting into so that you are well aware of the legal obligations of your organization and have everything handled before you get into operations.You will not have to stop operations mid way because of lack of papers.
  • Remember that perfection is an enemy to good enough. Achieving good results is more effective than attaining perfection.
  • Do not embrace every “good idea”. The most important tool for you is “NO” most ideas may seem good but are not “GREAT” and hence will not make you deviate from your main task.
  • It is advisable to work from your targeted result backwards. Always focus on your goal and work on what needs to be done to achieve it by using the various resources at your disposal.
  • Work closely with your team as you cannot achieve your goals by isolating yourself. By working with your employees you will be able to identify their challenges and motivate them to focus on the goals.
  • Whenever you make a promise ensure that you over deliver. Once you build a reputation of getting the job done your coalition partners, donors, and stakeholders will definitely keep their part of the bargain.
  • Take a break from the office once in a while. You will not see results of your efforts overnight and it may take some time; it is therefore good for you to take a vacation and re-evaluate your achievements, processes, employees, performance metrics and processes.
  • Keep proper records; being a non-profit organization you have special reporting requirements. Properly kept records will ensure that you do not run into problems in the future. You can also manage your risks through good insurance.
  • Ensure your work is fun and enjoyable. Adopt a working approach that will give you positive outcomes and more productivity.

By implementing the above nonprofit tips your nonprofit organization will definitely realize its goals.

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