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10 Tips to Increase your Number of Twitter Followers

By Alexa Connelly
August 19, 2013


People do any and everything to gain followers on Twitter. Some go through follower gaining websites, but these just spam your followers with unwanted fake profiles. To make your animal shelter twitter profile gain real followers you need to follow these tips.

1.     Tweet Often – Plan and simple. The more you tweet, the more you are seen and the more chances you have of getting followers.

2.     Tweet During Peak Hours – Peak hours on twitter or kind of like rush hour on a highway. It seems like everyone in the world is out there. You might as well tweet when everyone is watching.

3.     Talk About Something Interesting – Have personality. Be funny and witty. People like to laugh. If being funny isn’t your thing than just tweet from the heart. Tweet things that you believe in. Tweet anything, just do not be boring!

4.     Post Pictures – People love animals and if you are an animal shelter on twitter than you have to tweet animal pictures. It is only right. You can tweet funny pictures or even pictures that provoke emotion.

5.     Develop a Niche – As an animal shelter, your niche is animals. There is a whole animal loving community out there that you need to tap into. So make sure your tweets are mostly animal related to make sure you reel in those animal lovers.

6.     Tweet the Trends – Just because you have an animal niche, animal shelters can also get in on the trending action. This is a great way to get noticed by people talking about the same things.

7.     Be Engaged With Followers – Get involved: ask questions, answer questions and just talk to people. Don’t be afraid to follow people either. They may follow you back.

8.     Tweet to 3 New People Every Day – Gets you noticed and keeps you involved.

9.     Create an Effective Profile Bio – This is one of the first things users see when they go to your profile. So it needs to be interesting. Tell what you do. Say what makes you different. Say something funny. Sometimes the less said in a bio the more interesting it can be.

10.  Make a Good Avatar – This is also one of the first things users see. Avatars are like first impressions. If someone doesn’t like your avatar, then they will definitely judge your profile immediately.

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