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10 Ways to Generate Revenue for Your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
May 27, 2016

Revenue and donations are one of the two key components (the second is volunteers) of a nonprofit being successful in serving their community and maintaining their mission.Raising funds is a daunting task and it can often feel like your nonprofit is stuck in a rut getting nowhere or the door is constantly being “slammed” with a no.To be successful in raising funds and generating revenue for your nonprofit, you have to be willing to step outside of the box and be creative in your fundraising ideas. Here are some of the best techniques to utilize in generating revenue:

1.Hold Special Events– If your nonprofit is still writing letters requesting donations, it is time to take a step forward. Special fundraising events can include dinners, auctions, 5Ks, bike-a-thons, and walk-a-thons.Choose an event that best lets you present your organization and mission and then create a marketing plan to raise awareness and increase ticket and registration sales.
2.Go Fund Me Campaign– Crowd-funding campaigns are on the rise and this seems to be one of the most utilized donation collecting websites these days. Go Fund Me provides you with an easy platform to reach donors on an international basis.This type of fundraising project is best utilized when your nonprofit is looking to raise money for a particular project (i.e. to add a new addition on to your existing building or to purchase an office space). Once your profile and project has been created, you can share via multiple social media platforms including Facebook.
3.Sponsorships- Provide local businesses with the opportunity to purchase sponsorships for a set fee and in return you can provide them with ways to gain visibility at special events, in your lobby, newsletter, or on your website.
4.Advertising– Offer businesses the opportunity to purchase an advertisement in your newsletter or program for your next event.
5.Grants– Take the time to research grant possibilities. There are many organizations that provide monetary grants to nonprofit organizations like you. Schedule time to research these grant and complete the applications and papers to go with them.If you find yourself short on time, recruit a volunteer that has top-notch English and writing skills to conduct the writing and research required.
6.Open an Online Store– Sell products online via your website or a third party website like Cafeacute; Press that allows you to easily upload graphics (your organizational logo) and create t-shirts, magnets, pencils and other promotional items. This provides you an opportunity to raise money as well as increase brand awareness.
7.Provide Rental Space– Does your nonprofit organization have a building? Do you have an office or meeting space available? If you do, you have the opportunity to rent the space in down-time to other organizations or groups in your community.
8.Partner with Online Sales Websites– Websites like EBay and Amazon offer give back programs to their customers through eBay Giving Works and Amazon Smiles.Both are simple to register for online via http://charity.ebay.com/for-nonprofits/ or https://org.amazon.com/ref=smi_ge_rl_cc_cc .
9.Recycle Phones– Your nonprofit can register with companies online to recycle cell phones for your community.You become a recycling drop off point and the online companies will send you a donation for each qualified cell phone you submit to them.Some websites that offer this type of partnership include www.phoneraiser.com and www.phones4charity.org.

10.Matching Gifts Program– Partner with local businesses and corporations and request they match funds you receive for certain campaigns. If you are raising funds for a new building addition and raise $4,000 through Go Fund Me, they would agree to provide a $4,000 matching donation.

Generating revenue and increasing donations does not have to be a boring or difficult task if your nonprofit volunteer team is willing to step outside of the box and get creative. Each of the possibilities listed above can provide a new and unique way to increase your revenue and donations.Please share your comments below if you try any of these or if you have additional ideas to increase donations.

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