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New Digital Insurance Office Q & A

By Alexa Connelly
June 24, 2011

Q: Why did Nonprofit Insurance Program design and create this “Digital Insurance Office(DIO)”? A: First of all, people are so busy these days.  We know that many people are working all day, so not only do they not have much time, but for many people, the time they have available starts when most insurance agencies ...

Launch of Digital Insurance Office

By Alexa Connelly
June 23, 2011

Nonprofit Insurance Program recently launched a full service “digital insurance agency” for Nonprofit and Social Service Organizations.  Agency President, Brian Barrick said, “Research shows that  Nonprofit Organizations want to save money – but they also want the best protection.  Our new ‘digital insurance office’ makes that easy, and helps people in local communities save time ...

How To Protect Your Pets From Fires

By Alexa Connelly
June 20, 2011

It’s a stunning fact that half a million pets are affected every year by home fires and since July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, there’s no better time to make sure you’re doing all you can to protect our furred and feathered friends. It’s also true that many house fires are actually caused ...

Stress Management – Part II

By Alexa Connelly
June 17, 2011

Marilynn Allemann, an executive and life coach provides these helpful tips for managing stress: Don’t minimize your problems.  Become aware of what your stressors are and your emotional and physical reaction to those stressors.  Don’t ignore them. Recognize what you can change.  Can you change your stressors by avoiding or eliminating them completely?  Can you ...

Stress Management – Part I

By Alexa Connelly
June 16, 2011

Everyone experiences the anxiety known as stress and knows the “wear and tear” it can have, emotionally and physically.  It is important to remember that stress isn’t so much caused by different events or factors; rather, how we react to them.  Stress can result from a multitude of internal and external factors like relationships, work, ...

Purpose of Incident Reporting

By Alexa Connelly
June 15, 2011

There are a multitude of purposes for incident reporting, including quality improvement, event documentation and liability monitoring.  Many organizations have found that incident reports can be a positive management tool and encouraging employees to complete a report provides management with some vital information.  Reporting events when things do not go as planned gives management the ...

What is an Incident?

By Alexa Connelly
June 14, 2011

An incident is generally defined as any occurrence which is not consistent with the routine care of a particular person, or an event that is not consistent with the routine operation of the organization.  Many insurance companies have now developed other requirements for reporting actual or potential claims.  Incident reporting, however, remains an important proactive ...

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