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Screening Challenges in the 21st Century

By Alexa Connelly
January 31, 2012

The goal to a successful organization is building a team that will work towards the nonprofit’s goal and help the company grow. The first step to creating a dream team is to find candidates that will work well with your company. The internet is a good tool to advertise job opportunities, and also acts as ...

Do’s & Don’ts of Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
January 30, 2012

Going along with the topic from last week’s blog, this is another about the dos and don’ts of fundraising. Would you like to play the game again? Which one is a do and which one is a don’t? Judge others on their level of giving Start Local Do you have your answer? Pretty simple right? ...

5 Tips to a better nights sleep

By Alexa Connelly
January 27, 2012

Throughout the day we may be exhausted and ready for bed, but by the time bed time hits we’re wide awake and then we think of how exhausted we’re going to be the next day if we don’t get sleep and then that anxiety keeps us up. Wow, that is tiring! Here are some tips ...

Save money by Video recording

By Alexa Connelly
January 26, 2012

Do you have a volunteer training seminar quarterly, monthly, or even weekly? Do you spend each of these sessions reviewing the exact same rules & procedures? If you answered yes to any of the above questions AND want a new way to save your Nonprofit Organization money, video recording one of these training session may ...

3 Steps of a Lawsuit

By Alexa Connelly
January 25, 2012

Steps of a lawsuit A lawsuit consists of three stages. The first step in the process is the discovery. Discovery is when both parties find out what the other side knows. Interrogatories are a method of formal questioning used to discover what the opposition point of view is.  There are two forms of interrogatories (a) ...

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times

By Alexa Connelly
January 24, 2012

Don’t let a few hardships blind you from achieving your risk management goals! When times get tough, we must look a little harder to find the good in it. Don’t lose sight of the core strategies for success in the minor slip-ups that may occur. By keeping future possibilities insight, we are able to develop ...

Do’s & Don’ts of Non-profit Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
January 23, 2012

You always hear some things that are good and some things that aren’t as good with fundraising ideas, but what about the fundraising experience as a whole. Below is a do and a don’t for fundraising, can you figure out which is a do and which is a don’t? Be afraid to ask Start Slowly ...

5 tips for exercising in cold weather

By Alexa Connelly
January 20, 2012

We all know that when the weather starts to chill, let’s face it, so do our bodies and exercising is not on the top of our priority lists. Snuggling up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate sounds like a better option, but it is very important to get your exercise in and ...

Does your paper cost too much?

By Alexa Connelly
January 19, 2012

How much printing does your Non-Profit Organization do each month?  Did you know that printing and paper costs are quick to add up.  But there is hope in saving money on paper.  Here are three ways to save your Non-Profit Organization money this month: 1. Wait for it to go on sale at Staples- many ...

You’ve been served with a lawsuit. Now what?

By Alexa Connelly
January 18, 2012

Your Nonprofit has been served with a lawsuit, now where do you go from here? There are three easy steps that need to be followed to protect you and provide a proper defense. The first step is to get all the facts and express your concern for the injured party. Lawsuit papers often do not ...

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