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Managing Special Event RIsks: Planning for an Emergency

By Alexa Connelly
February 28, 2012

Special Events are one of top ways for a Non-profit Organization to raise funds.  Like many events, these special events are almost always unpredictable. It is beneficial to plan ahead and create risk management plans for different scenarios that may occur at your Non-profit Fundraising event. Before an event, all possible emergencies should be thought ...

5 Tips to a Better Running Form

By Alexa Connelly
February 24, 2012

Many running enthusiasts agree that the key to better running is form.  Here are 5 tips to help you on your way to improving your form when running: Your hands should be lightly cupped, keep loose wrists, bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle, and elbows should swing between your chest and waistline. Hold ...

Buy Local Office Supplies for your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
February 23, 2012

One of the highest expenses in running any business is office supplies.  When you start to price office supplies, remember to check the following: Price check multiple stores for the best deals? What are their delivery charges? Will they price match their local competitors? Do you need to have a minimum order for shipping? Knowing ...

Importance of Volunteer Liability Insurance

By Alexa Connelly
February 22, 2012

One type of protection most Nonprofit organizations do not think about is volunteer liability insurance.  Volunteers should be insured separately from a general liability policy and is very affordable.  This is the best way to avoid a claim on the organizations general liablity policy, which could result in a premium increase or reduction in limits.  ...

Good Governance in Your Nonprofit Organization

By Alexa Connelly
February 21, 2012

So the IRS is cracking down to make sure good governance guidelines are being followed. What do they want from us anyway?? They want us to meet the best practice standards. We need to start off by having the Nonprofit Organization board engaged and informed because they are more likely to provide financial support and ...

5 Steps to a Balanced Work & Life Mix

By Alexa Connelly
February 17, 2012

A balanced work and life mix is pretty difficult thing to come by. If you have a job it is natural to want to impress your boss or do some work on the weekends but it is also important to have time for yourself and your family so how do you balance that? Here are ...

Procedures in your Nonprofit Organization

By Alexa Connelly
February 16, 2012

Creating procedures is a vital part of the processes when a Nonprofit Organization is first planned, designed, and launched.  Too often, procedures are long forgotten after the Nonprofit Organization is up and running and volunteers start to deter from their procedure manual.  When volunteers and employees stray from the procedures set forth for them, the Nonprofit ...

Special Event Liability for Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
February 15, 2012

Is your non-profit organization hosting a charitable fundraiser? Will alcohol be served at this event? Does your liability policy cover liquor liability? These are all questions that should be answered prior to hosting a special even t that involves alcohol. If you opt to hold a function that involves alcohol there is no reason to be ...

Unmasking the Discipline of NonProfit Risk Management

By Alexa Connelly
February 14, 2012

There is not a specific formula for dealing with risks because the management is based on preparing for uncertain circumstances in your Nonprofit Organization. Luckily, three strategies have been developed to help keep us on our feet when we are tripping over the idea of how to manage certain risks. The first is to create ...

5 Tips to Paying Your Bills On Time

By Alexa Connelly
February 10, 2012

Nothing is more unpleasant than seeing a huge pile of bills on your table and knowing that you have not paid one of them.  Let’s be honest, we are busy almost every second of our life either working, going to school, taking care of the children, cooking meals, exercising, sleeping, and doing it all over ...

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