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SEO & Nonprofit Organizations

By Alexa Connelly
August 31, 2012

SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important if you want your organization to be found because almost everyone is on the internet and when they don’t know something, they just look it up on google, yahoo, etc. To help you be more SEO friendly, here are some tips to make sure you are one of ...

Fire Safety & Your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
August 28, 2012

A fire can destroy your building, injure your staff, and cause harm to your clients and the community you are trying to help. Although not all fires can be prevented, they can be anticipated and you can prepare for them. A fire suppression system can be installed throughout the Nonprofit Organization according to your fire ...

Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

By Alexa Connelly
August 27, 2012

There are many things we do in life where we always check the safety out first, so it is surprising to know that 71% of American companies do not have insurance that will cover internet liability which can result in financial danger for your nonprofit. Almost every nonprofit is on the internet nowadays in some ...

5 Steps to Back to School

By Alexa Connelly
August 24, 2012

It’s coming up on the time that children dread, but most parents look forward to, the beginning of the school year. To stay ahead of the rush of the beginning of the school year here are some tips to help you out: Tackle the school list as soon as you get the list & don’t ...

Preparing your Nonprofit for 2013

By Alexa Connelly
August 23, 2012

Planning ahead of time is essential for every nonprofit. Along with planning for your nonprofit comes budgeting for your nonprofit. To make it a bit easier on you, since we are going into the year 2013, there are many different ways of budget planning that you and your nonprofit can decide on. You need to ...

Prepare for a Disaster

By Alexa Connelly
August 21, 2012

The last thing most of us want to think about before traveling or even relaxing on a couch at home is what kind of hazards (natural and not) are occuring or could occur. It is important to know this information so you are prepared during and after an emergency occurs. Here are a few ways ...

Drug Testing in Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
August 16, 2012

It may not be federally mandatory for the employees or volunteers that work for your nonprofit to be randomly drug tested, but it is highly recommended to consider it. This is not invasive, it is a policy that will make sure your volunteers and employees are meeting state and local policies. Even if your company ...

When Mother Nature gets the Best of Us

By Alexa Connelly
August 14, 2012

When severe weather strikes, it may be hard to think on your feet regarding what is the best action to take for safety. Mother nature brings different gifts to all areas of the country, but if you are at risk for tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, and earthquakes I have some safety tips. If you are ...

5 Steps to Blogging Today

By Alexa Connelly
August 10, 2012

Nowadays, people do not want to read novels about your nonprofit, they just want to get the gist of it, so that’s when blogging comes in hand. It is not always easy to start a blog if you’ve never created one before, so here are some basic beginner blogging tips: Make sure the person writing ...

Fundraising Resources

By Alexa Connelly
August 09, 2012

There are many new resources available to collect donations for your nonprofit so that you don’t have to do it the “old fashioned” way, by check or cash. With the web expanding and all of the gadgets at your fingertips, your nonprofit can be receiving donations but just a click of a button, and if ...

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