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Increase your Nonprofit’s Donations

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
April 16, 2014

Most nonprofits rely heavily on donations to make up the majority of their income and yours is probably no different. Any expansion of the role or aims of your nonprofit will come with a financial cost – and one of the first ways you should look to meet this cost is by increasing the amount ...

Free Online Nonprofit Resources

By Alexa Connelly
April 15, 2014

Many non-profit organizations are established to make a positive change to the society in some way. For this reason, you will find that there are many supporters such as governmental agencies, corporations, groups, and individuals willing to provide free non-profit resources. Here are a few of these sources you might find spot-on to suit your ...

Summertime Fundraising Ideas

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
April 14, 2014

Summer is an excellent time for fundraising because students are out of school, are looking for things to do, and are available to take part, along with adult volunteers, in whatever event is decided upon. There are many summertime activities that lend themselves to fundraising. Let your creativity have a field day and come up ...

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