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What is a Fundraising Consultant?

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 20, 2015

Sometimes starting up a fundraiser can be a bit puzzling. This is especially true if you have no clue how to start one up to raise funds for a special cause, or in addition, run one properly....

Do’s and Don’t of Fundraising

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 18, 2015

Do's and Don't of Fundrasing...

Understanding Grants and How to Apply

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 13, 2015

Grants come with many misunderstandings. People set out to apply for one in hopes of financial assistance and relief....

7 Ways to use Pinterset for Your Nonprofit

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 11, 2015

If you are wondering how you can use Pinterset to help your nonprofit organization there are seven of those way below to help you get started with ease....

How to Write the Perfect Fundraiser Letter

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 09, 2015

Fundraising is a key component of any non-profit organization. Writing the perfect fundraiser letter is a skill that must be mastered in order to be successful. Whether for a specific event, or for year-round donations, knowing what to include in your communications will ensure success for your cause. Here are some tips on how to ...

Tips For Fundraising Online

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 05, 2015

Tips For Fundraising Online...

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