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3 Easy Steps to Finding Grants

By Alexa Connelly
October 21, 2012

Did you know, many grants go unclaimed due to the lack of applicants?  As a result of this astounding fact, it is essential non-profit organizations are aware of the various types of funding options that are available.  Knowing where to locate grants, increasing awareness of funding options, understanding how to apply, and pursuing these opportunities, increases a non-profits probability of obtaining funding assistance.  Funding is critical to the overall operation of any non-profit organization as insufficient funding restricts resources and limits the services an organization offers.  By getting out there and seeking out alternative funding options, a non-profit organization can obtain funding from diverse sources thereby allowing the organization to fulfill its mission.  Now is a great time to enhance your organizations grant seeking process.  Implementing some creative techniques can open many doors to a number of possibilities.

Seek Out Funding in Your Community

To locate potential grant opportunities, you don’t have to look far; funding opportunities are available right in your backyard.  Many local governments make available an array of grant funding opportunities for non-profit organizations.  Each year, the federal government allocates funding to state, city, and county governments to provide assistance to various charities and organizations. The requirements for each of the grants can vary by location, services, and targeted population among other factors.  To learn more about these types of funding options, contact your local government agencies to determine if your organization qualifies.  Additionally, non-profit organizations can learn about other local grant opportunities by networking with businesses and foundations in the community in which the organization resides.

Apply for Grants through the Federal Government

Federal funding remains to be available to non-profit organizations.  Each year, entities of the federal government such as the U.S. Department of Justice, Labor, and Health & Human Services provide grants to many non-profit organizations.  You can obtain further information by reviewing the Federal Funding Opportunities for Organizations that Help Those in Need publication.  Although, there has not been a recent revision of this document, there is a wealth of helpful information that can get you headed in the right direction as you begin to conduct your research on federal funding opportunities.

Research Grant Opportunities Online

Conducting research on Yahoo and Google can also be helpful in finding possible grant funding resources.  Many organizations and companies offer an array of grants each year to eligible non-profits. Ford, Verizon, and US Airways are just a few global companies making grant funding available to non-profit organizations.  In addition to this, your organization may consider subscribing to popular newsletters to remain informed of upcoming grant opportunities.  Lastly, non-profit organizations may also consider obtaining services through foundations offering unlimited access to a directory of grant funding organizations.

The quest in obtaining funding for your organization can be challenging. However, there are many helpful resources that are available that can assist you along the journey.  As your organization begins to expand its grant seeking initiative, consider these options. Keep in mind, it is vital for non-profit organizations to be resourceful in seeking out funding opportunities.  Being informed of the various grants that may be available to your organization is a step in the right direction.  Non –profit organizations are critical in today’s society.  Ensure your non-profit’s services and objectives are not limited by funding.


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