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3 Positive Changes You Can Do At Your Daycare Facility

By Kathi Fuhrman
October 28, 2014

Places of care should always feel welcoming and safe. If you are wondering why the vibes in your daycare facility are dreary and full of negativity, it is probably because you need a more positive atmosphere. Creating one is simple. All you have to do is some basic changes. There are three ideas below to help you get started.

Positive Changes You Can Make in the Daycare Facility

#1 Change the Decor

If the walls of the daycare center are dreary and dark with old decor it is time to freshen it up with a new shade of paint. Choosing cheery or calming paint colors can greatly change the vibe inside the facility. For a calming decor, choose calming colors such as lavender or blue. For energizing happy colors, choose shades of green. If you want to make the daycare warm and inviting with a bubbly atmosphere shades of paint that are yellow or orange are helpful. Once the facility is painted, place positive decor all around the walls such as hanging bookshelves with cheerful books upon them to read, or hang interactive wall games up for the children to play with. Adding posters with positive quotes or images can help too.

#2 Add Fun Colorful Furniture

Adding fun colorful furniture to a daycare facility can provide organization and comfort. If you have a story telling area, place comfortable colorful bean bag chairs all around or a comfortable carpet down with easy to access bookshelves for the children. In the areas you do arts and crafts, have colorful tables and chairs with baskets in the center filled with art supplies for creating masterpieces. Use tubby bins in bright colors for organizing games and toys in the play areas. Create different colored cubby spaces for children to place their belongings and call there own during their stay at the daycare. Children love feeling like they have a special place for their belongings.

#3 Create a Space for Hanging Artwork

Children love hanging their artwork up for everyone to see. Create a wall space where this can be done. Doing so also adds colorfulness to the daycare center, but also helps promote happy vibes and good self-esteem in the children. It evens helps a child feel like they are a part of the daycare center, which also helps them want to go daily to have fun with their daycare providers and peers.

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