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3 Steps of a Lawsuit

By Alexa Connelly
January 25, 2012

Steps of a lawsuit

A lawsuit consists of three stages. The first step in the process is the discovery. Discovery is when both parties find out what the other side knows. Interrogatories are a method of formal questioning used to discover what the opposition point of view is.  There are two forms of interrogatories (a) form and (b) special. Form Interrogatories are a preprinted questionnaire, and Special interrogatories are specific questions that apply to lawsuit at hand. Discoveries are also made during depositions; a testimonial that is given under oath.


Following these steps, it will be determined whether or not the suit will go to trial. In most cases, civil suits do not go through trial, but are settled through Mediation or Arbitration. In the few cases where a suit goes to trial the most likely cause is that the plaintiff wants too much money for the nature of the injury.

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