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5 Donation Ideas For The Season

By Kathi Fuhrman
November 10, 2014

There are many people living in non-profit organizations. They range everywhere from Senior Citizens to the disabled as well as the very low income families. There are many talented and intelligent individuals who could make stuff. Here are 5 donation ideas for Christmas:

1.Have an art and crafts Show: Of course, get all the legal permissions that you need, first. There are the low income families, who are suffering this time of the year, who could benefit and have a little joy bought to them, from this type of show. Many seniors can knit and crochet. They can make baby clothes and donate them to mothers in need. Others can make stuff that they can use in their apartments or houses. Most feel good when they receive something that is hand made.

2.Sell knitted and crochet products on your website. This will help with donations from many low income people to get what they want.

3. Have a bake off for Christmas for donations. Of course check for all legal permissions, first. Many can bake and make something.

4. Have a Christmas Karaoke Party. This is hours of singing and fun, while collecting donations and having a 50/50 drawing.

5. Donate your time and offer to help a neighbor who is alone. They would be thankful that they were thought of.

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