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5 Easy Fundraisers

By Alexa Connelly
March 19, 2013

In these difficult economic times, you and your non-profit organization may be having problems raising the necessary operating funds; many people cannot give as much money as they have been able to in the past.  However, there are many types of fundraising events that you or your organization can participate in and which will ensure that you will still be able to raise the funds you need. Below you will find five easy fundraising activities that you can sponsor.

Have a party

Holding a cocktail party where you provide appetizers and drinks is an easy way to raise funds. You can hire a caterer for a reasonable price. Guests buy tickets for the event and also drink tickets; many organizations will provide one or two free drink tickets in the admission price.

Sell food

Many organizations sell food items such as chocolate, nuts or cheese to help with their fundraising efforts. You purchase the food for a reasonable price, usually below cost, and sell it at a slightly higher price; all profits go directly to your organization.

Have a raffle or hold an auction

First, ask local businesses to donate an item for the raffle or the auction that your organization is planning. Then you can sell tickets for $1 each or more; many people are happy to take the chance to win an exciting prize for such a low cost investment.

Hold a walkathon

A walkathon is a very popular fundraising event; almost every major non-profit organization has held this type of fundraiser at least once. Money is raised by participants who pay an entry fee, by pledges those participants can raise through their friends, family and community and by direct monetary donations. It makes people feel good to take part in these types of events and that is a boost to your organization.

Dress down days

Convince local businesses and their employees to participate in “dress down days.” Office workers, who usually have to dress up for work, pay a certain amount of money in order to dress casually for the day. The money is then donated to your non-profit organization.

While only five easy fundraisers have been discussed here, you can likely think of many more that will work for your organization. You and your non-profit organization are sure to profit from all or any of these fundraising events.

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