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5 Marketing Tips For Your Nonprofit

By Kathi Fuhrman
October 02, 2014

Nonprofit companies today are facing a tough reality – an increasingly crowded market fighting for scarce investment. Nonprofit companies across the country are having to learn to do more with less to survive, including with their marketing.

So with a tough market and a small budget how can you effectively reach out to people about your cause, increase your number of passionate followers and keep your donations rising with a restrictive marketing budget? Have a read of the following 5 marketing tips for some good ideas to achieve much with little:

5 Marketing Tips For Your Nonprofit:

  • Content Is King – The content on your website can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. Continuously producing high-quality content on your focus area will not only bring in traffic from search engines and increase your presence online but will also give your current regular supporters more reasons to keep coming back to your website.
  • Capture Emails & Communicate – The simple email can be an incredibly powerful and cheap marketing tool. Encourage visitors to sign up to your newsletter so that you can send them more information about what you are doing.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask – A big mistake many nonprofits make is to not ask for money often enough. Supporters do expect it and many will not give as much if not regularly asked to and shown the need for their donations. Encourage regular supporters to sign up to give money every month so they don’t forget.
  • Sometimes You Have To Spend Money – It really is true that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. By inputting more money into your marketing budget you can reach more people, increase your donations and ultimately get a great return on your investment.
  • But Spend It Wisely – Before you start investing your entire marketing budget in a country-wide campaign you’d be well advised to run a trial. Avoid expensive mistakes by trialing campaigns cheaply in chosen areas. Track the responses and the donations you receive to find out if it has been a success or you have lost money. Once you’ve found a successful strategy you can begin to roll it out across a wider geographic area.

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