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5 Tips for a Better Non-profit Website

By Alexa Connelly
July 20, 2012

Since most of the world is on the web today, your company needs to be on there as well. But, to make sure that your website stands out among the rest in your field of work, here are a few tips:

  1. Navigation throughout your website should be fairly easy for visitors. Put your menu bar either at the top or along the side along with another menu bar at the bottom. Another idea that will help visitors navigate is a search bar.
  2. Privacy policy! If visitors are sharing their information with you, they want to be sure that you won’t sell them out to other companies, so remember to include this.
  3. Contact info. This should be extremely easy to find on your website.
  4. Fonts, Logos & Graphics.  Keep your fonts standard, keep your graphics down to a reasonable size, and let your logo be short and sweet.
  5. Include interactive features such as live news feeds, newsletters, etc.

People determine a lot about an organization by their website. If it is black and white with just words, people will usually move on to the next website, but if it grabs their attention, they’ll be open to hearing what you are about.

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