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5 Tips to Keeping your New Year Resolution

By Alexa Connelly
January 13, 2012

Every New Year comes with some great things, great food, great people, and great parties, but there is one thing that most people dread, the New Year’s resolution. The range of resolutions is very broad, some people want to lose weight, others want to climb Mount Everest, but while you’re on your journey, here are a few tips to keep you aligned for a successful new year’s resolution:

  1. Be realistic. If you have not worked out in 10 years and you want to start going to the gym every day of the week, that’s not very realistic at first, you need to wean yourself into it or get a personal trainer to help you through it.
  2. Make a plan and outline it. Don’t come up with your resolution on New Year’s Eve; plan it out well ahead of time so that you have time to come up with an outline for your resolution.
  3. Reward yourself for making this major change in your life. This does not mean go indulge in a carton of ice-cream, as a substitute reward yourself with something you enjoy that does not object to your resolution.
  4. Track your progress but don’t beat yourself up. Every success, big or small, is still a success so make sure that you track that and don’t beat yourself up for the small successes.
  5. Most important, STICK TO IT! Studies show that it takes about 21 days to get in the habit of something, so stick with it and eventually it will come naturally.

So now that you know how to stick to your resolution I hope to see some great changes this year. Remember RPRTS, realistic, plan, reward, track, and stick to it and you’re resolution will be a winner!

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