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5 Tips to Paying Your Bills On Time

By Alexa Connelly
February 10, 2012

Nothing is more unpleasant than seeing a huge pile of bills on your table and knowing that you have not paid one of them.  Let’s be honest, we are busy almost every second of our life either working, going to school, taking care of the children, cooking meals, exercising, sleeping, and doing it all over again the next day, so it’s no wonder our bills keep piling up, there’s no time for them. Here are 5 tips that will put you on track for paying your bills on time:

  1. Designate a time to pay bills each week. This will give you a chance to review your bank balance and pay the bills.
  2. Set up an automatic payment and pay bills online. This may save you some money and it will save you the time it would take to go to the post office.
  3. Process your bills immediately. It may be tempting to just let your bills sit in the closed envelope and relax for the night, but if you open your mail at least every other day then it will not be that difficult to pay the bills.
  4. Prepay your bills. This will only work if you are not living from paycheck to paycheck because of the fact that your bills may fluctuate throughout the year.
  5. Reduce unnecessary bills. If you do not use your direct TV, then cancel your subscription, there is no need to have extra bills that do not have a use to you.

It is absolutely worth it to take this advice and pay your bills on time, rather than putting it off so long that you have another fee for unpaid bills. If you follow these simple steps you will not be drilled for being billed.

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