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5 Unique Fundraisers

By Alexa Connelly
March 25, 2013

Fundraising for nonprofit organizations can be fun and beneficial if results are achieved. Any organization that depends on donations and goodwill for survival understand the essence of developing top notch strategies when it comes to fundraisers. As a result they should purpose to improve their fundraiser styles and make them surprising and relevant each time. Below are 5 suggested tips for successful fundraisers.

  • Network fundraising.-This refers to a method of collecting funds by targeting individuals who have something in common. They are linked by an affinity and thus become a foundation for your organization. This could include youth groups who have same targets. Involving them in gathering funds for the organization is a good move toward increasing your funds.
  • Making use of small donors.-Often assumed because of their small contributions that are not regular. Realizing the potential of their fundraising input will help a nonprofit organization accumulate resources they would otherwise have lost. The organization should look into avenues of strengthening the small donor contribution by encouraging them to contribute consistently. Don’t underestimate the power of small group donors for they can sustain your organization when major donors don’t even want to listen.
  • Organizing events.-Anything that brings people together in good cheer will always motivate them to give. Charity dinners, luncheons and games. This is no longer just a thing for political fundraising. Make it more interesting by awarding a price for the winners if it is games and charging an entrance fee for dinners and luncheons. This collection will go towards the fundraising kitty and increase its proceeds. Art galleries and auctions are also an interesting way to raise funds. On this note be sure to invite corporate organizations who will fight it out as they try to impress each other, yours will be increased donations that would have otherwise been a challenge to obtain.

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