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5 Ways To Market Your Nonprofit

By Kathi Fuhrman
April 30, 2015

To thrive and survive, nonprofits need like any to have a marketing strategy just like any profit making business. Marketing your non profit should be about relationship building which is important for the success of your nonprofit organization. Being a nonprofit organization, you do not have money to waste therefore you need to make every penny you use in marketing count. Here are some of the best affordable ways to market your nonprofit organization;

  • Identify Trade Area

Depending whether your organization is global, national, regional or local, the span, location and size will vary. Be realistic when you are gauging the area and denote it using either of the following ways; polygon shapes that are custom drawn, provinces/states, zip codes or area names.

  • Social Media

There are many opportunities here for you to market your nonprofit for free. Set a Facebook page and use it to market. Post photos, information, links and updates. Use Twitter to mingle keeping your followers up to date about your nonprofit organization. There are other marketing opportunities in LinkedIn where you can keep in touch with those that think like you do and promote your organization. Remember the key to success here is engagement so is to have a voice that is authentic.

  • Blogs

You need to create a blog on your site as a marketing tool of your organization. The blog needs to be updated on a regular basis with useful information which your readers are likely to share. This will helps advance your strategy of marketing, increase your mission awareness as well as keep your audience engaged.

  • Speaking Engagements

Have your representatives speak in events, trade shows, and conferences. This is your opportunity for free marketing and publicity.

  • Engage Those Currently Supporting Your Organization

Engaging and nurturing those who currently support your organization, volunteers and donors is one of the best ways to market your nonprofit. Nurturing them is a highly effective low cost marketing strategy. It will be easier to retain your current supporters than getting new ones.

You need to keep them informed and updated as well as have them to do things for and with your organization. This expands your reach as well as gets your supporters to do more for the nonprofit other than just writing checks.

Great marketing for your nonprofit does not have to be expensive and the more creative you are the less you will spend.

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