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5 Websites Every Nonprofit Shoud be Using

By Alexa Connelly
October 24, 2012

There are many FREE resources on the worldwide web for your Nonprofit. There is no sense spending money that can be used for better purposes in your organization. Here are five great websites your Nonprofit should and can use. The greatest part is: they are free.

  1. DesignYour.org– You can build a website and host it through this group for free. There are a variety of designs and you can set up a page for donations. You are able to install pictures, videos and other media that will explain your organization. They are able to do this for free because a number of companies will upgrade to a bigger plan.
  2. Google for Nonprofits– Yes, Google has a special system for nonprofit organizations. They offer products for free or discounted. These range from Ad words, Google Apps and other great items. They will show you how to use these products for your best interests and also hook you up with other not for profit groups. When all work together, miracles can happen.
  3. Doodlekit– This great website has teamed up with Grassroots.org to offer a free website builder and website to all 501c3 organizations. Build a state of the art website that will have many donors visiting and donating to your cause. Doodlekit gives you the tools and will even guide you through them.
  4. Grassroots.org– You just have to sign your not for profit up at Grassroots. They offer many free tools and can line you up with volunteers, donors and businesses ready to help your mission. Through Grassroots you can get sister charities to help you spread the word quicker and get the donations and volunteers faster.
  5. Echoing Green– This site is in Beta stage, but they offer seed funding to new Nonprofits. Their mission statement is to work with others to solve the world’s biggest problems. Show this fabulous organization your mission and how you will work at solving one of the world’s many problems; they will most likely help with funding the cause.

All of these websites are there to help your nonprofit organization. The only way that the world’s problems can be fixed is with people and businesses working together towards a common goal. That is what the founders behind these websites want and are offering free resources to help you succeed!    For more free resources specific to nonprofits, visit www.InsureANonprofit.com for a library of procedures, policies, and fundraising information.

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