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5 Websites that can help Your Nonprofit with Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
April 23, 2013

Nonprofit organizations exist to address various problems in the society. Some deal with hunger issues while others deal with issues related to education and healthcare. Since they are nonprofit organizations, they do not sell any of their services or products. Even if the organization does not engage in profit making activities, it still needs money to fund various activities. The aspect of raising funds therefore comes in. Fundraising enables the organization to generate funds that can enable it to meet its expenditure. Although fundraiser enables a firm to get money, the organization needs to establish suitable tactics to get the most out of the fundraiser and donations. There are websites that can help a nonprofit organization with generating funds.

1. Causes

With the high number of people using facebook, using this platform for getting funds is a great idea. Facebook users can contribute to cause which is aimed at fundraising and creating awareness for any specific cause or organization. An organization has to be registered with Guidestar and it incurs 4.75% for processing each donation.

2. Crowdrise

This website provides online tools for sponsored volunteerism, personal and special fundraising. The website offers incentives for contributing like one can have ten points for any dollar raised. The people who end up with the highest number of points win prizes like electronics and gift cards among many other prizes.

3. Network for good

Nonprofits can use the donate now service available on the site to select the kind of donation plan that is suitable for their needs. Each plan has its own costs and can cause the Nonprofit to gain differently. One can have an account where they pay 5% for any donation or use the main account where you pay$199 for account set up and $49.95 monthly fee. This account is advantageous especially if the account generates a lot of money as donation.

4. Firstgiving

This website collaborates with not for profit organizations to plan and carry out various fundraising campaigns. The nonprofit organization can receive weekly donations however; the organization is charged 5% fee for every donation.

5. Justgive

Justgive was developed to assist people in getting various charitable organizations they can support. An organization is required to register first with Guidestar after which they can set up a Justgive page. The nonprofit organization therefore undertakes fundraising by receiving a certain amount of money as donation less 3% Justgive fee.

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