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7 Ways to use Pinterset for Your Nonprofit

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 11, 2015

If you are wondering how you can use Pinterset to help your nonprofit organization there are seven of those way below to help you get started with ease.

#1 Post a Link to the Nonprofit Blog

If you have a blog post about your nonprofit organization, you can click on an image and pin it to your Pinterest board of choice. This will help spread the news about the nonprofit organization you are running.

#2 Link the Nonprofit Webpage to Pinterset

Having a webpage that tells all about your nonprofit organization is a wonderful thing, except when no one actually goes to visit it. You can promote traffic to the website and help educate people about your nonprofit organization by pinning a picture from the website onto a Pinterset board to help drive traffic to it.

#3 Post Pictures of the Nonprofit Organization

Posting photos you have taken for your nonprofit organization and sharing them on Pinterset can help show people what your nonprofit organization is all about. It can actually help draw in more supports and help the organization grow.

#4 Create a Board on Pinterset `Specifically for Your Nonprofit Organization

One of the best ways to help support your nonprofit organization is by creating a board on Pinterset specifically for it. On the board you can link back to websites, face book pages, blogs and other useful web pages on the internet to help get the word out about your organization to again, build supports. Just remember to keep the board specifically for this purpose and no other.

#5 Connect with Your Supporters

Pinterset is not only wonderful for helping you build traffic to your nonprofit organizations social pages, blogs and website, but also to help connect with those who support the organization. Connecting with your supports helps show them that you care and recognize that you support and appreciate their help.

#6 Allows You to Share Important Dates

Do you have special events coming up for your organization? Is it posted on an event calendar on a webpage with a photo? If so, pin a picture of the event and the date onto a Pinterset board and help promote the event.

#7 Connect with Similar Nonprofit Organizations

One of the best ways to help support your nonprofit organization and help it grow is by connecting with similar nonprofit organizations on Pinterset and follow their pins too.


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