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A Few of Our Favorite Spring Fundraiser Ideas

By Alexa Connelly
April 27, 2018

Before you know it the sounds of spring and promises of warmer weather will be here. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and sunshine brightening encourage many in your community to get outdoors. It is also the perfect time of year for your nonprofit to start thinking about new fundraising ideas that lift the spirit of your volunteers, donors, and individuals you help.

Here are a few of our favorite spring fundraiser ideas for domestic violence shelters, women shelters, youth at risk organizations, and other nonprofit organizations.

  1. Community yard sales

Yard sales can be organized two different ways. First, if you have enough space, you can invite community members to register for a spot where they can set up their own table and items for sale. As the nonprofit, you can sell food, accept donations, and even offer entertainment for children to attract local shoppers.

The second way is to accept donations from the community that you organize, price, and sell. Any unsold items can then stored for use next year or donated to the local community aid or a thrift store.

  1. Car washes

The arrival of pollen leaves a yellow layer of dust on cars and trucks. Partner with a local shopping mall or department store with a large parking lot to set up a car wash for donations. By setting up in a high-traffic area, you can easily gain customers who want clean vehicles while helping a great cause.

  1. Spring fling event

Organize a spring fling event for your community. These can range from outdoor carnival-like events with rides, games, and food to an evening dance with food and raffles. The key is to be creative and make it unique to the community you reside in.

  1. Flower sales

Spring is the most popular time for homeowners to visit the local home improvement or home and garden center. Some of these businesses offer wholesale prices to nonprofit organizations, allowing you to resell plants, trees, and shrubbery and keep the profits. Look for local community events to set up a stand or ask local businesses in a prominent area if you can set up a tent in the parking lot.

  1. Find a matching donor

Call businesses in your area asking them to become a matching donor for an event or campaign you want to run. Matching donors agree to match the amount of funds you raise which doubles your funds without doubling your efforts.

  1. Car shows

Spring and summer are filled with car shows. Contact your local hotrod association or car clubs about setting up a car show to raise awareness and funds for your nonprofit. A well-attended car show can raise thousands of dollars through registration fees, food sales, auctions, and raffles.

When deciding to host a fundraiser for your nonprofit, don’t forget to contact your insurance agent. Not every type of event will be covered by your policy and you’ll want to make sure your nonprofit is protected before you start marketing a fundraiser.


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