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A Nonprofit’s Marketing Toolkit

By Alexa Connelly
August 21, 2015

It was a bit tough for nonprofit organizations during the economic breakdown of the last decade. After the recession had passed, new opportunities came from the online world: social media, SEO, blogging, online fundraising and donations. Today, the majority of charitable institutions use similar marketing techniques to the ones of corporations. The following tools can be part of the marketing toolkit of a nonprofit organization:

Social Media

Facebook, Google+ and Tweeter are proven tools for marketing in the business world and they can be used for nonprofits in the same way. Developing a social media marketing strategy is important. With social networking sites, you can create promotional clips and slides that can address the right issues and send the right signals to people who may be interested in supporting your non-profit organization.


Blog creation can be a wonderful way to promote a nonprofit organization. Blogs are nice instruments for people who want to talk about a specific cause and invite influential persons to contribute to the cause. You can create a strong community around the blog and follow other nonprofit organizations that are similar to yours to build up even more supporters.

Website Creation

By creating a website for the organization, a manager can ensure a strong web presence for the future. A website can be a wonderful resource for growth and for displaying information that people will find useful. This includes data about the organization, news, details about certain events, monthly newsletters as well as community activities.


Search Engine Optimization is a major source of traffic for any website and nonprofit organizations can use SEO techniques to bring people to their causes. There is no need to hire expensive SEO services, but the main rules of SEO have to be implemented. Keyword planning is very important for helping an institution to rank high on search engines.

Nonprofit Webinars

Such webinars are meant to improve the strength of nonprofit organizations. They can provide the help of professionals who understand the way these institutions work and some resources to benefit from. Some of these types of webinars offer free resources. Managers who have limited time and resources will benefit the most from these webinars.

Develop Physical Marketing Materials

Physical marketing materials like brochures, posters, flyers, ads in papers and cards are still efficient. You can use them to describe the benefits of donating and the causes of your organization.

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