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A-Z of Fundraising- part 3

By Alexa Connelly
April 16, 2012

Now for the final letters of the fundraising alphabet; Z does not stand for Zebra in this alphabet. Below are letters N-Z of the fundraising alphabet:

N is for Nurture- take care of your supporters and volunteers

O is for On-Line Fundraising- set up a facebook account

P is for Popular Performance Indicators

Q is for Quality- make sure you are providing top notch fundraising events

R is for Regular Giving- acknowledge your regular contributors

S is for SOFii- The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (http://www.sofii.org/)

T is for Tangibility- The quality of being perceivable by touch (touching their hearts)

U is for Upgrade

V is for Very Urgent

W is for Wide Range of Fundraising Ideas

X is for Xcelling

Y is for Youth of Today- Presidents of Tomorrow

Z is for Zonk Out- Everyone needs to catch their z’s to function so make sure your getting a good night’s sleep.


Following the A-Z guide of fundraising will help you identify what areas your Nonprofit Organization may need to focus on.

Let us know how this guide helps you!

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