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A-Z of Fundraising-part one

By Alexa Connelly
April 02, 2012

We all know our alphabet and words like A is for Apple but do we know our fundraising alphabet? Here is the A-E list of the fundraising alphabet that you can incorporate into your fundraising planning:

A is for Attrition- A reduction in numbers size and strength

B is for Brand- What is your Brand? What do you stand for? Advertise it!

C is for Customer Service Karma- Many believe that what you give you will receive- make sure you are treating donors and supporters with respect.

D is for Door to Door- Will asking for donations this way work for you?

E is for Ethical Policy- Ethics is key in so many aspects of our daily lives. Does your organization have an ethical policy in place?


When developing your fundraising plan for the year, go through this fundraising alphabet one by one to make sure that you are touching the points that will benefit your nonprofit organization greatly. Increasing income for your Nonprofit Organization should be an overall goal for yourself, your volunteers, and your organization wide mission.

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