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Accident Preparedness for Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
September 23, 2013

Many times people working with non-profits seem to think that it’s not a business. Well, it is and when accidents happen, you need to be prepared and have procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. In planning to develop your accident preparedness manual, you will need to take in account, not only the employees’ safety, but also the documents and equipment.  How will you replace these items and get back to the business of servicing your clients?

First step

Review your policy with your insurance agent and find out if exactly what the insurance will cover.  This would include the non-profits liabilities towards its employees and clients. Should the building catch on fire, will your equipment and files be replaced?  Is damage caused by earthquakes, landslides or floods covered?  Now you need to develop accident preparedness procedures.

Second step

Visit your local Community Emergency Response Team and request a copy of their accident preparedness plan, they should have a plan; knowing the evacuation routes, what services they offer and numbers to call will be important to your own plan.  Develop and post the evacuation plan for the employees and have them practice it.  It would also be recommended to have a first aide and survival kits.

Third step

In an emergency or disaster it can take sometimes up to 24 to 72 hours for emergency crews to get out and normal services restored. That is why it’s important for the operation of your non-profit to have an accident preparedness manual that should outline how to get the organization back up and running.  Using a facility off site to store your records of your clients ensures their safety should the building be compromised.

The Nonprofit  accident preparedness prevention manual is used to prevent or reduce risks. It will provide how to act, who to call and where to go for help.  Every organization should have one as part of the safety measures for their employees and clients.

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