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Activities and Community Events for Your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
June 12, 2015

Summer is finally here!This is perfect outdoor weather. And perfect outdoor weather creates a perfect environment for fundraising.

The following are 10 outdoor fundraisers that have been successful:

1 – The walkathon.What could be healthier than walking? Walking for a cause!

2 – The barbeque.This can be as simple as one small propane barbeque in a mall parking lot selling hamburgers, hot dogs and chips or as elaborate as a full ribfest with professional roasters squaring off.

3 – The bottle collection fundraiser. Spring is the time people want to clean out the garage and get a fresh start. It is a great time to collect bottles.

4 – The helper for a day auction.Everyone has chores they want done.Why not have a “hire a helper” fundraising event. It is a great way to involve volunteers and allows them to promote their special talents – from doing yard work to preparing gourmet dinners.

5 – The fishing derby.Fishing derbies are a great way to attract a crowd of outdoor enthusiast.Local fishing stores are usually pleased to promote and sponsor the event.Prizes can go to the largest catch, the smallest, the first catch and prizes by age.

6 – The car rally. What better way to fund raise than running a car rally.Most counties will have a car club or two which would be pleased to bring their show cars to the after party.

7 – The scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are easy to organize and now with GPS’s can be even more challenging. Add a geocache section to your scavenger hunt for even added interest.

8 – The car wash. A car wash can be a great fundraiser the the whole family participates in.Cars that are dirty from winter conditions need washing.Pick a busy street and use human billboards and balloons to draw the crowd in.

9 – The dump run fundraiser. Get a few pickup trucks and some healthy muscle and offer to take trips to the dump for people.Often the dump will waive the dumping charges for a charity.

A good summer fundraiser not only raises money, it raises awareness of your cause and promotes volunteerism.Volunteers can become you best champions.

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