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Additional Ways to Use the Internet to Communicate to Your Audience

By Alexa Connelly
July 28, 2011
  • Blog
    If your organization has a blog, it’s essential that you announce the fundraiser and provide details about the event to those who read and subscribe to your blog. You can enrich your blog posting with some historical data on your cause or organization, images of last year’s event, and back links to additional resources. If your company doesn’t have a blog, how do you start one? Easy. There are a number of blogging providers that are free (i.e., LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Xanga) or that charge a nominal fee for more options (i.e., TypePad, ChoseIt).
  • RSS Feed
    That familiar little orange and white symbol found on almost all Web sites that carry news and information is the RSS icon; RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” Chances are good that you already subscribe to an RSS feed and already know the benefits of being on the receiving end of the information being pushed to you. But if you have a blog, or post press releases or other information to your Web site, it’s a great idea to feed your content into an RSS feed and push your news to interested readers that way as well. Create an RSS feed so that interested parties can “get fed” updated information that pertains to your organization. So, if an individual subscribes to your RSS feed, your RSS feeder will automatically send a link to that person every time you update that source, whether it’s your Web site, your Facebook, or your blog. Creating an RSS feed might require a little technical agility, but you can find a number of online resources that provide an easy step-by-step list that will guide you through the process.
  • Web Site
    All roads lead to Rome, or, in your case, to your Web site. If your nonprofit organization has a Web site, use this platform as a basis for the four previous tips—social media, social media press release, blog, and RSS feed—to promote your fundraiser, and your organization. Think of your Web site as the headquarters that all of your marketing and communications efforts lead back to and the place where your followers can get more information on the event. In turn, you can provide links to your social media accounts, blog, and RSS feed, encouraging people to engage in other ways. For instance, if they found you via Twitter, they might prefer to subscribe to your RSS feed to get updates. Once people click to your site, there’s a good chance that they’ll go to other pages within it, giving your organization even more exposure and yet another way to communicate with your audience.

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