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Adult Day Care Centers: How to Gain a Competitive Edge

By Alexa Connelly
July 22, 2016

Adult day care centers offer a much needed service to their
communities. Services offered at each center vary. Some are open during normal working hours to
provide relief to family members or caregivers for those in need of care.Others are open twenty four hours, offering
care and activities all day.  The
Administration for Community Living predicts the number of seniors over the age
of 60 will increase by 41% from 2010 to 2050. The need for additional adult day
care centers is sure to increase as well with those projections. As the number
of centers increases, how do you maintain or create a competitive edge to make
your adult day care the choice for community members?

Here are three ways to create and maintain a competitive

1.Pinpoint your ideal participant.Take time to identify who your ideal
participant is whether you are a new adult daycare center or an existing center
looking to restructure.There are many
different types of participants that range from those looking for activities to
keep them active to those needing significant care while their loved ones work.
You do not have to be a one stop shop for all. Once you have identified your
ideal participant, you can create a culture and activity plan geared towards
their specific needs and wants. This
saves you time and stress from trying to make your center perfect for all types
of participants. If you choose more than
one type as an ideal participant, consider creating two different structures
within your center.

2.Create an Activity/Services Plan. Having an ideal participant identified first,
makes this step effortless for owners.
Create an activity and services plan.
Activities can make or break an adult daycare center. Plan and offer
activities that stimulate participant’s minds including art projects, music
therapy, field trips and exercise.
Active seniors have a better quality of living than those that do not
have the opportunity to participate in engaging activities or events. A
services plan should identify the types of care or assistance you provide. Services include offering nutritional meals,
toiletry assistance, physical therapy or other types of therapy.

3.Provide exceptional care. Exceptional
care starts with the staff you hire.
Interview new staff members and check references prior to adding them to
your team. Check for positive prior work
experiences in the caregiver field and knowledge of your ideal
participant.Educate your staff on how
to properly care for and engage participants in activities. Teach them to identify those that may need
social help and create a culture among participants to express themselves
through the activities. Developing a
staff that nurtures participants in addition to caring for them will set you
apart from the typical adult day care center.

There are many important facets to operating an adult day
care center.Take time to research your ideal
participants, create an activity and services plan geared towards that participant,
and train your staff on providing exceptional care.


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