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Advice on Raising Money Online

By Alexa Connelly
September 14, 2015

Non-profits are constantly in need of funds and one of their main priorities is fund raising. Thanks to the digital evolution, raising money can now be done online. Here are some tips on how to raise the necessary funds to sustain your programs. 

Embed Donation Page in Your Responsive Site

It is a well-known fact a non-profit can get better results if it has its own customized donate page rather than using a third-party’s donate page. If you truly want to be successful in online fundraising, make sure you first have a high quality, mobile-friendly donate page on your site and then join forces with an online fundraising service.

Create High Impact Graphics for Social Media

Non-profits need a social media presence to get followers, who are nothing but donors and prospective donors. However, to keep their interest in your cause, it is important to have graphics that further the cause of your program and spur your social media followers to donate.  

Have a More Ways to Give Webpage

While it is necessary to have a colorful and bold Donate button on every single page of your website, you also need to give donors other methods to give. This will help your online fund raising endeavors. This page can be titled How to Help or More Ways to Give. The page should list down all possible ways members and supporters can donate to your organization. Make sure each method has a high impact graphic associated with it. 

Use an Online Fund Raising Service

Partner with a reliable and well-known online fund raising service, so that your supporters can automatically make monthly payments to your non-profit. Focus on monthly donors, as they tend to give more over a period of one year compared to one time donors. 

Focus on Year End Fund Raising

December is the time when most donors make online donations. Based on the prevailing trends, most donors give maximum donations during the festive season, particularly on the last three days of the year. So, study the donation habits of your donors and then create a year end fund raising campaign that spurs them to choose your non-profit for their annual giving. 

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