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How to Report Data Breaches Below Extra Laws

By Kathi Fuhrman
April 21, 2018

Upcoming data sponsorship law GDPR describes a breach of the private files break the rules of in the in the manner in imitation of way. According to the law, the breach of data safety which may guide to a accidental info destruction, misplacement, change, banned data submitting, sharing of non-public information, their unauthorized safe-keeping or ...

How To Build Your LinkedIn Network

By Kathi Fuhrman
August 19, 2015

Building up your LinkedIn network is the best social media strategy for gaining professional contacts. By creating a compelling profile, actively promoting your LinkedIn account and updating your LinkedIn account daily, you will quickly grow an effective network. ...

10 Tips On How to Run A Successful Nonprofit Organization

By Kathi Fuhrman
May 05, 2015

When championing the social causes you care about ensure that the non-profit organization you are operating achieves its goals, and that it's efficient and effective. The following are ten nonprofit tips that when implemented will see your organization run successfully....

5 Ways To Market Your Nonprofit

By Kathi Fuhrman
April 30, 2015

To thrive and survive, nonprofits need like any to have a marketing strategy just like any profit making business. Marketing your non profit should be about relationship building which is important for the success of your nonprofit organization....

Employment Practices Liability Insurance May Save Your Nonprofit from an Outrageous Lawsuit

By Kathi Fuhrman
April 24, 2015

In recent years the number of lawsuits filed against businesses, including not for profits, has been on the rise considerably and no business- small or large, for profit or not for profit, should consider themselves immune from the possibility.  With the increase, more insurance companies have recognized the need for this coverage and are adding ...

5 Way to Lower Your Heating Cost for this Winter

By Kathi Fuhrman
January 08, 2015

As a non-profit organization, you are no doubt always looking for easy and effective ways to lower your operating costs. With winter right around the corner, now is the time to start implementing ways to save on your heating costs this winter. Below is a list of five actionable steps you can take right now ...

10 Steps in planning a fundraiser

By Kathi Fuhrman
January 06, 2015

Fundraisers are outstanding ways to earn money for a particular cause. However, in order for a fundraiser to be successful you need to plan it out properly. The steps below can help you. #1 Pick the Right Fundraiser Picking the right fundraiser is important when trying to raise money. You want to pick one that ...

Prevention Is Your Best Protection

By Kathi Fuhrman
January 05, 2015

The current economic downturn has increased fears of employers. Thus is because as the numbers go up, so too does litigation against employees by disaffected former staff seeking redress for matters justified and unjustified relating to their loss of work. Therefore prevention is your nonprofits best protection. Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is available to ...

How To Write Mission/Vision Statments

By Kathi Fuhrman
December 31, 2014

If you run a nonprofit organization, you need to let people know in a nutshell who you are, what you do and what effect you have in the world. This needs to be done in a concise and memorable way. In short, you need a strong mission or vision statement. A great mission statement has ...

5 Tips On Fall Prevention

By Kathi Fuhrman
December 17, 2014

Care is essential for residential communities, assisted living centers, and senior care centers to ensure their elderly residents are safe from injury. Insurance premiums and even liability coverage itself can also be based upon compliance to safety regulations. To make your home away from home safer, have a daily check list: 1. Walking Hazards to ...

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