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Board Members: What are they responsible for?

By Alexa Connelly
October 02, 2013

There are a few things to keep in mind in the establishment of a nonprofit organization.  From the development of a business plan to implementing fundraising initiatives, there are many processes a nonprofit organization goes through to ensure its success.  Although each nonprofit will vary in its makeup, there are a few areas which remain consistent within each nonprofit organization.

Non profit board members play an essential role in a nonprofit organization.    As a result, board members are very distinct in that they bring specialized skills and experience to the nonprofit organization.  Through a collaborative effort, board members will play a crucial role in making key decisions regarding the organization.  As a result, choosing the right professionals to sit on your organizations board of directors is an important decision for your nonprofit organizations.  Because of the nature of the business, the board of directors are key in the development of fundraising, oversee various programs critical to the operations of the nonprofit, oversee planning and implementation and also play a part in policy development.  Furthermore, nonprofit board members are key in the role of governance as demonstrated in the selection of the chief executive officer of the organization and ensuring organizational practices remain in compliance with legal regulations.

Due to the involvement board members fulfill in various operational and strategic processes, nonprofit board members are required to carry out various responsibilities to ensure the mission of the organization is upheld. First and foremost, upon being invited to sit on the board, members will oftentimes be provided expectations and a member agreement in which the board member will be evaluated upon.  In addition to this, board members attend meetings providing members with updates and future plans of action.  Furthermore, board members have daily obligations that must be accounted for by their peers and the departments in which they oversee.  Furthermore, board members have a strong commitment to the community in which the nonprofit serves.  Board members typically have a strong connection to the community.  As a result, board members are a key component in networking within the community with other nonprofits and businesses to obtain resources.  There are many key roles nonprofit board members must fulfill while on the board.  From increasing awareness to enhancing community support, the board of directors is essential in carrying out many responsibilities for your nonprofit organization.

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