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Bringing Easter To Those In Need

By Alexa Connelly
April 14, 2017

Victims of domestic violence seek out shelters like yours to feel safe and provide comfort to the families they bring with them. Your care and guidance are extremely beneficial to helping victims get back on their feet and build a sense of normalcy for their lives. That can be extremely difficult to do during holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Easter.


Like any big holiday, the cost of a full Easter celebration adds up quickly. Here are four ways to bring Easter to your residents this season that won’t drain your limited funds.


  1. Sponsor a child program.

Reach out to your supporters and ask them to sponsor a child in your care for a small donation. Use the funds to purchase small Easter gifts for the children in your shelter. Give them gifts they need like new character pajamas, bright-colored toothbrushes, and shoes along with chocolate so they know the Bunny can find them anywhere.

  1. Host a traditional family meal.

Food is usually where the expenses get high. Contact local grocery stores to see if they can sponsor or donate a gift card to purchase supplies for the meal. Invite every resident in the shelter to sit down together for great food and conversation. Family meals are a great way to bring comfort to those with high anxiety because it brings them back to a tradition they know.

  1. Paint Easter eggs.

Every store has a sale on eggs during Easter. Purchase a few dozen along with some paint or food coloring and other supplies. Cover your table with newspaper or craft paper. Boil and cool the eggs in advance, so nobody burns their fingers. Then let everyone paint and decorate eggs in their favorite colors- including the adults!

  1. Make Easter crafts.

Pinterest is full of endless Easter craft ideas that you can make out of items you already own. Schedule a craft night and hang the artwork on the walls after to make your shelter feel festive.


Make this Easter’s memories positive for your residents with these festive activities.

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