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A Few of Our Favorite Spring Fundraiser Ideas

By Alexa Connelly
April 27, 2018

Before you know it the sounds of spring and promises of warmer weather will be here. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and sunshine brightening encourage many in your community to get outdoors. It is also the perfect time of year for your nonprofit to start thinking about new fundraising ideas that lift the spirit of your ...

5 New Ways to Raise Money

By Alexa Connelly
May 26, 2017

Nonprofits like you help communities through education and fundraising for your mission. You also face the daily challenge of raising money without sounding like you are begging or being pushy. It’s a big task that leaves many volunteers and directors feeling drained. If that sounds like you, it’s time to step away from your traditional ...

Fundraising Fun For Mother’s Day

By Alexa Connelly
May 12, 2017

Every day is a great day to look for donations, volunteers, and raise awareness about your nonprofit. A lot of nonprofit organizations see great success when they pair their mission with Mother’s Day focused campaigns and events. Why? Because Mother’s Day is a holiday most of your supporters and donors already think about. The average ...

Thank Your Donors This Holiday Season

By Alexa Connelly
December 30, 2016

Thanking your donors during the busy holiday season is something they will remember in the New Year. Take the time to show appreciation using one of these ideas....

Tips for Holiday Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
December 23, 2016

Increase engagement online. Websites, blogs, and social media have a great deal of power in today’s digital-driven society. If you are not using these platforms to reach and engage a larger audience, you are missing out on valuable donations. Creating a social media profile for your nonprofit is easy and free. It gives you an ...

Nonprofit Fundraisers: Making the Most of October

By Alexa Connelly
October 07, 2016

Positive cash flow is vital for nonprofits large and small. Without money, nonprofits can’t provide services, programs, or necessities to the communities they serve. They rely on grants and donations from their community. Many nonprofits organize fundraising campaigns and special events to gather the funds needed to operate. As the holidays quickly approach, many are ...

Domestic Violence Shelters: Increase Community Support

By Alexa Connelly
July 29, 2016

Domestic violence shelter’s directors and volunteers face many challenges and struggles to keep the shelter doors open. Take steps to educate your local community on who you are, who you help and what you need.  Increased community involvement directly impacts the number of women and children you are able to help.   ...

10 Ways to Generate Revenue for Your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
May 27, 2016

Revenue and donations are one of the two key components (the second is volunteers) of a nonprofit being successful in serving their community and maintaining their mission.  Raising funds is a daunting task and it can often feel like your nonprofit is stuck in a rut getting nowhere or the door is constantly being “slammed” ...

Advice on Raising Money Online

By Alexa Connelly
September 14, 2015

Partner with a reliable and well-known online fund raising service, so that your supporters can automatically make monthly payments to your non-profit. Focus on monthly donors, as they tend to give more over a period of one year compared to one time donors. ...

Charity Miles: A New Fundraising App

By Alexa Connelly
August 31, 2015

Charity Miles is a fundraising app that has three parts: the sponsor, the user, and the charity. The user will choose an available charity and then use the app to track his or her progress in exercising by either biking or running/walking. Progress is measured in miles; the amount that a user earns depends on the ...

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