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How to Report Data Breaches Below Extra Laws

By Kathi Fuhrman
April 21, 2018

Upcoming data sponsorship law GDPR describes a breach of the private files break the rules of in the in the manner in imitation of way. According to the law, the breach of data safety which may guide to a accidental info destruction, misplacement, change, banned data submitting, sharing of non-public information, their unauthorized safe-keeping or ...

4 Potential Claims Every Private or Social Club Needs to Know About

By Alexa Connelly
June 09, 2017

Social and private clubs are usually a place members go to relax, unwind, and enjoy their time. Patrons choose to join member-exclusive clubs to spend time with others that share common interests. Membership-based clubs are easy to find in most cities and include the VFW, Knights of Columbus, The Moose, and the American Legion. Each ...

The Importance of Liability Insurance at Your Event

By Alexa Connelly
June 02, 2017

Planning fundraiser events is an important part of any successful nonprofit organization. You need to raise funds to serve your community and complete your nonprofit mission. Disastrous event incidents are the last things you want to worry about. If you sat down to make a list of everything that can go wrong, it would probably ...

Fundraising Fun For Mother’s Day

By Alexa Connelly
May 12, 2017

Every day is a great day to look for donations, volunteers, and raise awareness about your nonprofit. A lot of nonprofit organizations see great success when they pair their mission with Mother’s Day focused campaigns and events. Why? Because Mother’s Day is a holiday most of your supporters and donors already think about. The average ...

8 Types of Insurance Every Social Private Club Needs to Understand

By Alexa Connelly
May 05, 2017

Social clubs like VFW’s, Am Vets, and Knights of Columbus are a place where members go to enjoy their time. Members choose to join clubs to participate in fun activities, for the camaraderie, or to be part of your mission. You fill a need in their lives. Like any business or nonprofit, you face unique ...

Insurance Coverage Your Non-profit Needs

By Alexa Connelly
May 20, 2016

Employment practices liability insurance can be purchased as an endorsement on the directors and officers liability policy or as a separate policy.  EPLI coverage protects the non-profit from claims arising out of employment practices like discrimination, sexual harassment, unfair hiring practices, wrongful termination, and a hostile work environment.  Unlike the name implies this insurance coverage ...

The Importance of a Volunteer Handbook

By Alexa Connelly
November 20, 2015

Begin your handbook with a welcome letter. This is an opportunity to create an open environment and explain the essential role that your volunteers fulfill. Keep the letter brief and avoid using technical terminology, acronyms, or jargon. It is best to have the letter written by the Executive Director or a board member to relay ...

Evaluating Your Progress Towards Your Goals

By Alexa Connelly
September 09, 2015

Nonprofit goals must be achievable within a fixed time frame in order to avoid failure or disappointment. Set a goal to be accomplished within a few short months rather than years. For fundraisers you will need a specific location. You may be able to have free rent depending on who supplies the space or receive ...

How Campaigning Can Give More Support to Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
July 27, 2015

Giveaway Campaign – offer something related to your cause in exchange for supporter’s contact information and offer additional giveaway if they promote cause to family and friends....

Why You Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance For Your Nonprofit

By Kathi Fuhrman
October 22, 2014

You might think your organization doesn’t have information anyone would want, but that is a misconception. There are many types of cyber crime. The bank account and financial information for your organization can be used for the purposes of fraud. The personal information of your workers and donors can be used in identity theft, and ...

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