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Charity Miles: A New Fundraising App

By Alexa Connelly
August 31, 2015

Two great challenges for charities are exposure and gaining funds. The two go hand-in-hand as getting the word out about your charity is correlated to receiving donations. However, the new app Charity Miles addresses both challenges simultaneously.

Charity Miles is a fundraising app that has three parts: the sponsor, the user, and the charity. The user will choose an available charity and then use the app to track his or her progress in exercising by either biking or running/walking. Progress is measured in miles; the amount that a user earns depends on the total miles covered, around 10 cents per mile for biking, and 25 for walking or running. After the user's distance is accepted, a sponsor donates the corresponding amount to the selected charity.

Even if your charity is not selected by the user for fundraising, its availability on the app will help your charity gain exposure. Users who see your charity listed but have not heard of it may well look into it, and spread the word. 

This app will expand user's ability to donate to charities while doing something constructive for themselves in exercise. Those who would sponsor receive the opportunity to easily find someone to sponsor. And the charities that participate not only have the chance to be the subject of fundraising, but they also receive exposure.

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