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By Alexa Connelly
May 30, 2012

Why do you Need Insurance for your Daycare?

Daycares provide a greatly needed service to many working parents across the United States. It is an important and difficult decision when a parent chooses the day care or childcare service provider for their little one.  Even in the best of daycares, accidents can and do happen.  It is important as a daycare provider that you make sure you and your business are properly protected in the event of a claim or incident.  Review your current daycare insurance policy to make sure the following insurance coverages are provided:

  1. Improper Sexual Conduct Liability-
  2. General Liability provides coverage in the event a parent, guardian, adult, and/or child is injured on your property with regards to your daycare business. Defense costs are outside the limit of liability.
  3.  Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability  if a daycare employee or volunteer uses their vehicle on your behalf, and they have an accident and you and your daycare is named in used in the lawsuit, you will have coverage to protect you.
  4. Medical Payments-.  This helps to reduce claims because the policy will pay the out-of-pocket expenses for someone injured on your property pertaining to the daycare business without a lawsuit being presented.
  5. Commercial Property- Often times in-home daycares are at a greater risk of not having this much needed protection because homeowners policies often state that coverage is void if a business is being run out of the home.

Contact your insurance agent today to make sure that you are properly protecting your daycare.

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