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Control the Use of Non-Owned Vehicles

By Alexa Connelly
June 12, 2012

A “non-owned vehicle” is owned by an organization or employee for use specifically related to that nonprofit. Guidelines need to be established to make sure the proper driver is the only one using the vehicle. This driver needs to have a valid license and insurance covering a vehicle that is appropriate for the trip being made. The safety committee should create guidelines by asking, is the trip necessary? Is the driver suited and prepared for the trip? Is the vehicle safe and appropriate for the trip? Is the vehicle adequately insured?

Non-owned/hired liability coverage should be purchased through your insurance agent. This provides protection when an employee uses his or her own vehicle for agency business. With this, if an employee is in an accident, their insurance will pick-up the coverage first and if their’s is exhausted then the non-owned policy should step in.

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