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Criminal History Checks

By Alexa Connelly
December 25, 2012

It should be a priority of every Nonprofit organization to take responsibility in protecting those whom they serve. Checking the criminal history records of both paid and volunteer workers is one valuable tool in a comprehensive screening process. This is important risk management strategy as failure to adequately screen applicants allows for greater potential for putting service recipients at risk. Before implementing criminal history checks should within your organization be sure to establish screening criteria and set clear guidelines stating which offenses are relevant; what offenses will disqualify an applicant; what other factors will be considered; and how the rights of the applicant will be preserved. When establishing these screening criteria, make sure your organization takes into account state and local laws and regulations, as some have instituted screening or licensing requirements for individuals who have substantial contact with children or other vulnerable individuals such as dependent elderly or individuals with disabilities. Keep in mind also that applicants have the right to be treated fairly and to have their privacy respected. Your Nonprofit organization is responsible for protecting these rights and therefore you may need to establish and implement policies that achieve these objectives.

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