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Cut Christmas Tree Costs

By Alexa Connelly
November 30, 2012

It’s time to get out those saws and start chopping down your Christmas trees, but how can you do this without sawing your budget? Christmas time can be very pricey, so to help save some green here are some tips when getting your christmas tree:

  1. Get a permit from the U.S. Forest Service so that you can cut down your own tree in your land, these can sell for as low as $10.
  2. The species of the tree differs in price.
  3. Search around for other Christmas tree farms in your area and which one has the best deal.
  4. Do some math in your head before picking a tree. Some tree farms price the tree based on how many feet tall it is.
  5. Make sure it’s fresh, after all, you do want it to last until Christmas, so the fresher the better.

Now get those axes out and start cutting the cost of your Christmas tree spending. Just remember the bigger the tree, the more there is to decorate.

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