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Developing Social Media Policies

By Alexa Connelly
August 05, 2015

Social Media plays an important role for non-profit organizations. Its a powerful tool that circulates your name and your mission at low cost. A rewarding campaign begins with a plan, and that plan’s focus is how you want your non-profit recognized. What is your organization about? For example, if it is about social issues, then you want to make statements that reflect your mission in that area. It is best to have just one staff member responsible for content; this promotes consistency, and creates a voice. Comments are best made on a set schedule so, viewers in turn will read and respond at corresponding times.

Choose one social media platform and focus on it. You want an active profile and presence with a strong voice that is well known. Create a personality or persona for your campaign, and let the human element shine through. Remember your audience, and have that persona relate to them. Research your audience, and get to know the individuals who respond. Effective communication is the key to a successful campaign. Get staff and board members involved and ask them to name your organization in their profiles. As your followers and friends grow so will your donations without the need to actively solicit for funds. Everyone will want to join in the fun and enjoy the recognition you offer. Make your appeals for donations as specific as possible, and let the donors know where their money will go. Post the results of your fund-raising.

The social media platform you choose gives you the potential to recognize donors for appreciation. It is an excellent outlet to thank your donors, and in doing so you will gain more recognition. The donors feel good, and the readers and the donors both will share the goodwill amongst their own friends. The news circulates at a very low cost, and since circulation is the purpose of a social media campaign, you may want to consider making donor appreciation a regular part of your plan.

Respond to posts and comments by your new friends, and yes consider them your friends. You want to keep the conversation going, so ask your new friends questions, and answer their questions in return. It is a perfect way to share your mission, and the process will motivate others to share and think about purpose.

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