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By Alexa Connelly
October 28, 2012

Nonprofit Direct Mail: What Works?


Some advertising executives think using direct mail marketing is a practice of years gone past, but recent studies concluded that individuals react more positively to receiving direct mail than any other form of marketing today. The big question should be how direct mail works:

The Human Element

Adding some human element to your direct mail marketing piece is simply putting a personal touch to the final product of your direct mail marketing content. The recipient can take a moment to read the materials while walking from their mailbox to the front door of their residence.

Some individuals delete all marketing emails without taking a moment to read one word from the message. A well-conceived and designed direct mail marketing piece will have a long-shelf life inside the home, as family members will encourage one another to take a moment and read the valuable information provided inside the piece.

Develop Your Audience

A very good direct mail marketing content piece will tell a story to the readers and educate them in a non-promotional fashion. Show your knowledge of expertise within the nonprofit industry, and make sure your target audience is longing for further information or help from you. If successful, this will force you to provide more relevant direct mail marketing content on a periodical basis.

Direct Mail Marketing Consumers Have Spending Power

Direct mail marketing is the perfect icebreaker for non-profit fundraising groups to initiate contact with potential donors. Some groups use this form of marketing to grow their mailing list. Non-profits feel potential donors will exercise their spending power if you can trigger the right response with your direct mail market content. A truth-based direct mail marketing piece is the perfect source to gain positive results from the masses.

Have a Wide Spectrum

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to improve interest in your product or drive new traffic to your non-profit group; direct mail marketing has a wide spectrum to help build brand recognition to the masses and still maintain continued client loyalty. The ultimate goal of your direct mail marketing strategy should be to help improve the understanding of your business or service.

The Use of Postcards Is Direct Mail Marketing’s Most Cost Effective Method

The use of postcards is the simplest and most cost-effective method of direct mail marketing offered today. They work so well in all forms of business communication. Companies of all sizes can save on printing cost by switching from other forms of direct mail marketing to postcards.

Also, it saves the amount of work time used to prepare the envelopes of the balky direct mail marketing pieces prior to sending them out in the mail. Customer feedback has been positive by organizations switching to the use of postcards as direct mail marketing format. It offers more word of mouth between individuals that will increase the audience on your website.

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