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Doors Closing or Doors Opening?

By Alexa Connelly
January 17, 2012

In life not all endings have to be thought of in a negative light, but as a window to new opportunity. In the work place contracts are terminated, employees leave or are asked to leave, and outside providers may be let go as their services are no longer required. We are often blinded by our unrealistic optimism thinking everything will work out the way we want, but we need to remember to plan for success but also consider failure.

When dealing with contracts, always include an escape clause even if you are positive your partner or employee won’t leave you hanging. When dealing with employees that decide to move on to a new job, there are a few steps to ensure that they have a happy ending in your work environment. These steps include:

  1. Thank them graciously
  2. Discuss how other employees should be notified of the leave
  3. Explain how their role may change until their last day. Employees that are being terminated, no matter the reason, still deserve to be treated with kindness. Kind mannerisms for the client that is fired involve: thanking them, make sure all legal files are clear for termination, and provide a stress-free environment for their leave. Out-sourced business partners may need to be let go as the business grows or relocates. To show your appreciation to them, be thankful, ask them to help with the transition, allow enough notice according to the contract, ask them for feedback, and provide a reference if appropriate.

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