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Do’s and Don’t of Fundraising

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 18, 2015

Fundraising is away to earn funds to help pay for a desired necessity whether it is to pay for someone else’s medicinal treatments, school trips, boy or girl scout supplies, or an animal shelter. Whatever it is, you are trying to raise money for there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

The Do’s of Fundraising

  • Always explains what it is you are raising money for in a clear manner.
  • Always make sure you have a well thought out plan of how you are going to raise the money.
  • Make sure you have extra hands to help with the fundraising event.
  • Make sure all the money you earn from the fundraiser goes to that particular cause and nothing else.
  • Always advertise that you are having a fundraiser a month before you start it so people are aware and the proper amount of funds can be donated.
  • Always have a safe spot to store the money earned at a fundraiser, and always-put two trustworthy people in charge of it.
  • Always say thank you to the people who donate to your cause. These people are the ones making it possible for you do achieve the funds necessary to support your cause.
  • Always have a plan B just encase your first fundraising plan does not work.

The Don’ts of Fundraising

  • Never start a fundraiser without a plan in place.
  • Never spend the money you earn from a fundraiser on causes other than what the fundraiser was meant for. Doing so will cause you to look like a liar and a greedy person just looking for fast cash.
  • Never force anyone to donate to your cause.
  • Never store the fundraising money donated outside a locked cash box. Doing so could tempt someone to steal your funds.
  • Never start a fundraiser without all the tools, materials and necessities that you need. Doing so could cause you to have a poor fundraising event.
  • Never steal money from people and donate it to the fundraiser to help the funds grow faster. This method is dishonest and rude.

End Notes to Keep in Mind

Fundraising should be for honest causes only. Fundraising should be fun, upbeat and exciting as well. People who host a fundraiser should always be enthusiastic and happy to support the cause they are raising money for. When fundraisers are well thought-out and kept fun, they can successfully raise the money necessary.

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