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Effective Ways To Grow Your Facebook Account

By Alexa Connelly
September 02, 2015

Facebook remains the most popular social media site with over one billion active users worldwide. For non-profits, the importance of a well-managed, effective Facebook business page cannot be overstated. A few simple steps will ensure that you optimize the number of useful followers on your Facebook account.


When you set up your business page, you want to make it easy for present and potential clients to find it. Make sure you use the following strategies.

  • Put a Like Box on your website. The code can be obtained from the Facebook Developers site.
  • On your personal profile, where you list where you work, make sure there is a link to your business page.
  • Add Facebook to your email signature. Many email platforms have a clickable icon that you can use.
  • Put a QR Code with a link to your Facebook page on the back of your business card.

Actively Seek Followers

The best way to obtain followers on social media sites such as Facebook is to offer unique and interesting content which drives people to your page. The more your content is shared, the more visitors you will attract. Try these ways to make your content appealing.

Contest: There are inexpensive apps which allow you to conduct a contest on your Facebook page. If an entrant must like your page in order to join the contest, your list of followers will increase dramatically.

Exclusive content: Non-profits often have useful skills and advice they can offer on a range of subjects. Offer free guides on topics that potential clients will find useful such as fundraising ideas.

Inspirational memes: Combine images from work you are doing at your non-profit with a highly-creative, emotional message in order to make your content go viral.

Engage With Others

In order to grow your Facebook following, you need to interact with other businesses on a regular basis. Every day you should:

  • Participate and make valuable comments on pages where your potential customers can be found.
  • Like the pages of other relevant businesses.
  • Do a cross promotion with other non-profits or businesses for mutual benefit. Sharing each others posts will increase exposure for you both.

It requires some dedication and commitment, but you will quickly build up a productive Facebook following if you follow these steps. Your non-profit can then enjoy the benefits of spreading information via notifications and news feeds.

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